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Enter my world of #ArtOnPurpose after accidently discovering the love of painting in 2019 and then invited to New York to exhibit as an emerging artist.

With a passion for vibrancy, design and photography, I use selected combinations of mixed media to evoke a myriad of moods and motion throughout my work. Just like the rise and fall of tides… Light and colour take centre stage merging to create new design perspectives and stories.

“It’s totally up to my viewers what they see. When people can find something of their own in one of my paintings – that’s when I truly feel I’ve succeeded.”

I love my paintings to evoke joy reflective of my positive and playful and colourful personality. Intuition and raw emotion make up the layers and texture in my artworks creating a visual delight for my clients to love and adore in their forever homes.

Since 3 years old I’ve had a deep connection to colour and pattern. Design and colour inspired my youth growing up under the Australian rays and living by the ocean. All influencing factors for the depth of palettes that evoke different moods. Transformation to inspiration is at the heart of my work.


My aim is to invite you to experience movement and rekindle the joy that colour can bring to your senses.

As well as being a multi-faceted artist, Zahrina Robertson is known as Australia’s Multi-Award Winning Leading Personal Branding Photographer + Videographer, Educator and Author x 3 books at 

Zahrina passionately shares her message on stage, in schools and corporates as a professional speaker of invisibility to visibility and #ArtOnPurpose through her motivational speaking at

Created a painting for both Tony Robbins and a New York actress are amongst her art collectors.

Commissions and original artworks are regularly sent worldwide to art collectors in the USA, Asia and Europe.

Zahrina is currently licensed in the USA with a selection of designs.

What I Stand For

Yes I love to traveling far and wide near oceans and finding  #ArtOnPurpose was the power of contributing towards protecting our blue ocean by purchasing any piece of art from, or from the array of specially designed Lifestyle Merchandise.

I find micro-plastics are the scourge on our earth’s oceans. Together let’s transform this ugly truth. For every painting and product sold, money is collected and goes towards The Seabin Project.

My Process

 I love extracting the beauty of nature … for me, it’s ALL about intuition, colour and movement, much like my personality, I’m afraid! hehe! I rarely have a definitive plan when I start painting, however, I have the intent of a colour palette and high-level compositional vision.

I also sense if I want to create something intense or calm (though that may sometimes change throughout the process). I add a mix of mediums and colours to the canvas and continue building on layers until I feel the painting is finished. I work on a number of paintings at a single time.

Love painting abstract since it contains a surprise design element, as I never know exactly what the end result will be, and this inspires me to let go and be more intuitive in my personal life as well and be open to possibilities.

When the piece is completed I observe it and contemplate the emotions it evokes within me. I typically connect that perceived feeling to recent (or past) events or thoughts I encountered, things I learned, emotional concepts I value, or aspirations I have for the future. And when I see a concept fit in terms of how I see the painting, I name it as such.

I love this final step of the process as each painting helps me reflect on life and allows me to continue building a story of things I have learned or care about.

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As a seasoned presenter in the media/ Published Author/ Global Inspirational Speaker/ Multi-Award Winning Businesswoman:
I’m passionate about commenting on the following:

  • #ArtOnPurpose – discovering how your purpose counts as an adult or/ school kid
  • The Power of Your Visibility in Business.
  • Harnessing your Giftedness On Video
  • How to be an Effective Artist/Creative/Photographer and still work in Corporate.
  • Creativity + Your Personal Brand in the Workplace
  • My personal unique journey balancing Photographer to the Stars to the Artist To the Stars, in less than a year.

Locations: Zahrina operates out of her light-filled water-facing studio at Northbridge in Sydney. Looking for Zahrina Photography and Video. Please visit: or/ Speaker website is

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