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My Story.

Infused with layers of light, textures, and colours drawn from the tapestry of nature and life, my creations stand as a unique offering—my signature “Meditative Lightscapes.”

My journey into the realm of creativity and artistry traces back to the tender age of seven when a profound connection bloomed within me. The interplay of nature’s hues and the luminescence of light have been catalysts fuelling my creative spirit throughout the years. Delving into the nuances of light for over two decades has enriched my artistic pursuit, culminating in the enchanting dreamscapes embodied in “Meditative Lightscapes” by Zahrina.

The year 2019 marked a turning point as a New York Art Gallery discovered my work through Instagram, propelling me into the limelight as an Emerging artist in New York. This experience invigorated my resolve to craft exclusive and distinguished art pieces. Today, my art is sought after globally, gracing the collections of esteemed individuals, including VIP icons like Tony Robbins.

Rooted in the depths of my soul is a profound gift for painting light, nurtured by a distinguished career spanning two decades in professional photography and videography — an accolade-laden journey that has further enriched my artistic ethos.

Embark on a transformative journey of deep meditative joy, reflective positivity, and introspective contemplation through my vibrant and high-quality fine art pieces. Infused with intuition and raw emotion, each artwork weaves a narrative of light, texture, and emotion — a visual symphony that resonates with my clients’ hearts and homes, serving as not only artistic investments but soulful companions.

For me, the essence of success lies in the viewers’ interpretation of my work — finding their own truths reflected in the hues of my paintings. This symbiotic relationship between art and observer fuels my creative spirit, igniting a passion for vibrancy and design ingrained in selected combinations of mixed media, predominantly oils, to evoke an array of emotions and moods across each piece, mirroring the eternal dance of the sun.

In my fine art “Meditative Lightscape” creations, perpetual energy pulsates, inviting viewers to dwell in new design dimensions and narratives that uplift and rejuvenate the soul.

Zahrina Robertson
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At the core of my artistic endeavours lies a poignant exploration of light, design, colour, and narrative. Through my paintings, I endeavour to offer a distinct interpretation that intertwines these elements harmoniously.

Step into a realm where movement intertwines with introspection, inviting you to embark on a meditative journey—a hallmark of every “Zahrina painting.”

Each brushstroke is meticulously crafted to ignite a sense of reflection that resonates deeply within you and your living space.

With a rich artistic career spanning two decades,

I stand as a versatile and seasoned artist.

Notable figures such as Tony Robbins and a prominent New York actress grace my roster of esteemed art collectors, alongside a burgeoning audience in Australia.

Regularly commissioned pieces and original artworks find their way to passionate art enthusiasts across the globe, from the vibrant art scene of the USA to the culturally rich landscapes of Asia and Europe.

Exhibitions + Events

  • 2019 – USA – NEW YORK Art Gallery, New York City – Discovered Zahrina via Instagram. Invited Zahrina to launch her art career as a Global Emerging Artist in the USA.
  • 2019 – SOLD OUT – DEBUT Exhibition via  New York Art Gallery. Launched as an Australian Global Emerging Artist, USA.
  • 2019 – SOLO DEBUT Exhibition, A Gallery was purpose-built for Zahrina by Australian Developer, Mulpha to Launch as an Australia Emerging Artist, in Sydney.
  • 2019 – SOLD OUT – Group Exhibition, St. Thomas Art Fair, Sydney 
  • 2019 – SOLD OUT – Tour de Cure, Cancer Fundraiser Event, Sydney
  • 2019 – Group Exhibition – Gallery 307, Sydney 
  • 2019 – International Art Collector and Motivational Guru – TONY ROBBINS, USA – Global High Profile Collector of Zahrina’s Art
  • 2020 – RYDGES Hotel, Bella Vista Exhibited Zahrina’s Art, Sydney.
  • 2021 – SOLD OUT Group Exhibition, St. Thomas Art Fair, Sydney
  • 2022 – FEMALE GROUP Exhibition, Gallery 11:11, Sydney.
  • 2023 – SOLO Exhibition, Sydney. “BE THE LIGHT” February 11th to 24th. Gallery 11:11, Sydney.
  • 2023 – NATIONAL LIVE TV Appearance as The Accidental Artist on Channel 10 TV Studios. 
  • 2024 – NEW STUDIO Launch, Sydney
  • 2024 – Exhibition Details and Dates to be Announced.
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My Process

Intertwining light with storytelling imbues a sense of mystery into my art.

For me, beauty resonates through the interplay of “light” and “nature” within my creations.

Under the thematic umbrella of “Meditative Lightscapes” by Zahrina, my paintings find their essence.

Engaging in the process of painting light-infused landscapes serves as a conduit for my intuition, breathing life into my artistry. Embarking on each piece without a rigid plan, I draw inspiration from memories of travels, childhood escapades, skiing adventures, and a vivid colour palette. With a background as a seasoned photographer chasing light for over two decades, my craft thrives on capturing luminous compositions.

Guided by a nuanced sense of whether to evoke intensity or tranquillity—though subject to evolution—I infuse canvases with a melange of mediums and textures. Layer by layer, the artwork evolves until a sense of completion settles in. Juggling multiple paintings simultaneously is my norm, each canvas a unique journey of discovery.

Embracing the unknown, I surrender to intuition, embracing the myriad of possibilities that unfurl with every brushstroke. As each painting nears its conclusion, I delve into introspection, seeking connections between its emotive impact and my life experiences. These emotional resonances, be they recollections, learnings, values, or aspirations, infuse the artwork with purpose and meaning, culminating in a fitting title.

This culminating phase, where emotions intertwine with art, offers a reflective space to ponder life’s intricacies—encompassing light, love, and personal growth. Each stroke contributes to a narrative woven from the tapestry of insights and passions, guiding me towards my true north.

Painting one-of-a-kind artworks by hand using pure oil paint and a palette knife.

What I Stand For

Driven by a belief in giving back, my “Meditative Lightscape” oil paintings stand as a testament to contributing to a greater cause. Through collaborations with Tour de Cure supporting Cancer Research, I honour my late father—a beacon of inspiration for my artistic journey—whose battle with cancer fuels my dedication to this vital cause.

I set out to deliver fine art paintings.

Zahrina Robertson Artist


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As a seasoned presenter in the Media and on TV.

Published Author of 6 books. Global Inspirational Speaker. Multi-Award Winning Woman in Business:
I’m passionate about commenting on the following:

  • How to Reinvent and Be Relevant in a Changing Ai World. 
  • The Power of Visibility in Business.
  • How to be an Effective Artist
  • Creativity + Your Brand 
  • My unique journey from Photographer to the Stars to The Accidental Artist, in less than a year.

Location: Zahrina operates from her light-filled water-facing studio at Northbridge, Sydney Australia. 

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