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Enter the world of #ArtOnPurpose. A place where colour meets the ocean’s currents melt into each other and colourful patterns emerge from deep within our core and then are painted by Zahrina Robertson.


With a passion for vibrancy, pattern and photography, Zahrina uses selected combinations of mixed media to evoke a variety of moods and motion throughout her work. Just like the rise and fall of tides… Light and colour take centre merging to create new design perspectives and stories.


Zahrina’s passion for colour and pattern design was inspired by growing up under the rays of a bright Australian sun very close to the ocean. Her depth of palettes evoke different moods. Transformation to inspiration is at the heart of Zahrina’s work. Her artwork allows us to reminisce fondly about places from the past and entice us with the mystery of new ones.


Her aim is to invite you to experience the movement and rekindle the joy that colour can bring to your senses …


Zahrina Robertson passionately shares her #ArtOnPurpose mantra as a means of helping our environment from plastics for future generations and showcase this affinity for natural beauty through her paintings and photography.


“By sharing my purpose behind my art practice I’m keen to be inspiring our next generation with #ArtOnPurpose to help make a global difference today”


The power of protecting our blue ocean is in purchasing an original #artonpurpose ocean painting or an amazing array of specially designed merchandise based on Zahrina’s designs and feature here –  NEW Online Art Boutique, this, in turn, helps share Zahrina’s passionate message – microplastics are the scourge on our earth’s oceans, let’s transform this.


Zahrina’s travels wide and far and has witnessed the dire impacts humans were having on our marine life so, in 2019, Zahrina launched @artonpurpose debuting her original ocean art collection of paintings and merchanise.


Zahrina is currently licenced in the USA with a selection of her unique art designs.

THE JOURNEY, #ArtOnPurpose – ‘saving the ocean, one painting at a time’


I started pursuing art seriously as a way to expand my creative prusuits alongside my photography + video business, writting numerous books right through to inspirational speaking, all of which are an integral part of my journey. I reunited with my love of art and colour. Although I had always been passionate about the concept of colour in my life, I stayed on the “left brain” side, majoring in marketing to becoming a multi-faceted entrepreneur.


I’ve often struggled between which side to pay more attention to, analytical or creative, as I seemed to do pretty well in both. Lots of self discovery and re-aligning my priorities I tuned more into my true and expressive self, and listened to my creative itch. Hence the designmaker was born.


I started to paint, initially for my home, then friends… It made me so at peace and live in the moment. The creative spark took over as I really wanted to create so much and share it with the world. The experience has been absolutely fulfilling and art has become my oxygen. I am passionate about always learning something new and never ever want to stop growing!


Living near the ocean … I remember the days snorkelling with my family. My deep respect started early for the ocean, nature and colour. The energy force of our ocean is remarkable no wonder we follow it’s energy force, wherever we can.




I don’t have a very definitive plan when I start painting, however I have the intent of a colour palette and high-level compositional vision. I also sense if I want to create something intense or calm (though that may sometimes change throughout the process). I add acrylic colors on the canvas and continue building on layers until I feel the painting is finished. I work on a number of paintings at a single time. Love painting abstract since it contains a surprise element, as I never know exactly what the end result will be, and this inspires me to let go and be more intuitive in my personal life as well and be open to possibilities.



When the piece is completed I observe it and contemplate the emotions it evokes within me. I typically connect that perceived feeling to recent (or past) events or thoughts I encountered, things I learned, emotional concepts I value, or aspirations I have for the future. And when I see a concept fit in terms of how I see the painting, I name it as such. I love this final step of the process as each painting helps me reflect on life and allows me to continue build a story of things I have learned or care about.




I’ve always been interested in observing life, peoples’ transformations (mine to begin with), and the concept of motivation, inner strength, and personal evolution. I’m driven by taking in inspiration from many external sources and people. And yet a big source of intrigue for me comes from my art as well. While I put inspiration into my art, the inspiration also flows the other way around, where the art inspires me.  And I want to share that empowering connection with others.


When I have a narrative of a particular piece, that is my story, and I love the viewer to take that inspiration and continue to build their own feelings about it. Just like one book, that can be read by many,  yet can trigger so many different reflections for different individuals (I’m sure many had that experience where they read the same book with someone but drew out different aspects?).


In the end, I create an uplifting story through art and colour and I love when observers get inspired, connect it to their own world (in a way that inspires “them” most) and desire to make that story part of their everyday space.


Sharing and building a more conscious world, empowers our ocean-loving community to lead a plastic-free life that’s purpose-driven from the direct message of my paintings and the fragile balance of all these very special locations.


For every painting and product sold, money is collected and goes towards a non-profit organisation, like The Seabin Project.


As well as being a multi-faceted artist, Zahrina is known as Australia’s Leading Personal Brand Photographer + Videographer, Author x 10 books at Multi-Award winning, Zahrina passionately shares her message on stage as a professional speaker of invisibility to visibility and #ArtOnPurpose through her motivational speaking at

Commissions are regularly sent worldwide, to art collectors in USA, Asia and Europe.

Oceans Eleven Limited Edition by Zahrina
Coral Splash Limited Edition by Zahrina
Mark Bouris and Zahrina Robertson

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As a seasoned presenter in the media/ Published author/ Global inspirational speaker/ Multi-Award Winning Businesswoman:

I’m passionate about commenting on the following:

  • #ArtOnPurpose – discovering how your purpose counts as an adult or/ schoolkid
  • The power of your visibility in business.
  • Harnessing your giftedness
  • How to be an artist/creative/writer/photographer and still work in corporate.
  • Creativity + Your personal brand in the workplace
  • My unique journey as the Photographer to the Stars to the Artist To the Stars, in less than a year.


Locations: Zahrina operates out of her light filled ocean facing studio at Northbridge in Sydney. Looking for ZahrinaPhotography + Video, please visit: Speaker website is

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