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Enter the oceanic world of #artonpurpose. A place where the ocean’s currents melt into each other and colourful patterns emerge from deep within our core.

With a passion for vibrancy, pattern and photography, Australian artist Zahrina uses selected combinations to evoke a variety of moods and motion throughout her work. Just like the rise and fall of tides… Light and colour take centre merging to create new design perspectives.

Zahrina’s passion for colour and pattern design was inspired by growing up under the rays of a bright Australian sun very close to the ocean. Her depth of palettes evokes different moods. They allow us to reminisce fondly about places from the past and entice us with the mystery of new ones.

Her aim is to invite the viewer to experience these new places and rekindle the joy that colour can bring.

Zahrina Robertson is determined in her mission to promote the #ArtOnPurpose as a means to help our environment from plastics for future generations and showcase our natural beauty through her art.

“By sharing my genuine purpose behind my art practice I’m keen to be inspiring our next generation with #ArtOnPurpose to help make a global difference’

The power of protecting our blue ocean is in purchasing an original #artonpurpose ocean painting or product by Zahrina, this in turn helps share Zahrina’s passionate message – microplastics are the scourge on our earth’s oceans.

Blissful summer days spent diving the Sunshine Coast, Queensland where a passion for marine life became so deeply rooted in the heart and mind of ocean conservationist and multi-faceted founder Zahrina Robertson, that #artonpurpose, memorising ocean paintings with purpose was born.

Zahrina’s travels bear witness to the dire impacts humans were having on our marine life so, in 2019, Zahrina launched @artonpurpose debuting her original ocean art collection of paintings made from revolutionary products that are sustainable in her daily art practice
Her calling, ‘saving the ocean, one painting at a time’

Zahrina’s brand is committed to our mission; to inspire, influence and empower our community of art collectors to become conscious consumers of plastic and passionate about our ocean life.

Zahrina fell in love with the concept of how colour challenges her creative works, hence the exploration of so many vibrant patterns other than her ocean originals. Her work takes you on a storytelling journey inspired by her environment growing up and her many travels abroad.

By Zahrina naming ocean paintings by their location brings the awareness of the exactly where plastics and microplastics are landing on the shores and killing our marine creatures. This helps share and build a more conscious world and empowers our ocean loving community to lead a plastic free life that’s purpose-driven from the direct message of her paintings and the fragile balance of all these very special locations.

Zahrina’s mastery of composition, contrast and colour conjures up an edible feast for your eyes. Her huge vibrant works explode from the canvas, tantalising the senses, pushing and pulling the viewer in all dreamy directions. With every sweeping splash of colour, #artonpurpose is born.

Her lively paintings are awash with the wonderful juxtaposition of dynamic hues and happy puddles of paint and raw energy that truly mesmerises you. Zahrina enjoys working as a mixed media artist using acrylics and oils because of their rich, tactile quality, as well as its viscosity, translucence and subtlety of colour.

Zahrina Robertson was raised in Australia and educated in Queensland and Sydney before completing her formal art inspired photography qualifications at The Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney. She now lives in Sydney with her husband, son and super cute moodle, Charlie.

As well as being a highly creative artist, Zahrina is known as Australia’s Leading Personal Branding Photographer + Videographer, Author at Multi-Award winning, Zahrina passionately shares her message of invisibility to visibility and #artonpurpose through her motivational speaking at

Zahrina Robertson launched as an Australian artist in New York, March to April 2019 and debuted in Sydney, Australia 2019 in a gallery that was purpose-built for her art debut supported by multi-national companies.
She sends her commissions worldwide, with collectors in USA, Europe and Asia.

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