Hugo Weaving and Zahrina Robertson



Hugo Weaving and Zahrina Robertson
Hugo Weaving and Zahrina Robertson

I have the privilege of knowing Hugo Weaving.

Award-winning Australian actor and all-around super talented man…

Dinner with Hugo this week in Sydney was great timing and an inspirational way to finish the year soon. I had just seen his new film Mortal Engines and it’s a MUST SEE movie!

I’m about to launch this art website globally to celebrate my new found talent, super excited at the prospect of commissions for people to enjoy…and of course, I’ll be cracking on with my signature photography + videos for entrepreneurs and thought leaders into 2019.

2018 has an awesome in relation to tapping into my creative side and most people have a creative side – it’s just what is that create balance, right? sit still, it will come to you …

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