The Creative Process: How to Trick Yourself into Being More Productive

Abstract Art By Artist Zahrina Robertson

The Creative Process is a Mysterious Thing. It’s Hard to Explain, But One Thing is For Sure: It Doesn’t Happen By Itself.

Instead, you have to work hard and push yourself to get results. This can be frustrating when you’re not in the mood for work or when you don’t feel like doing anything productive at all. But there are ways to trick yourself into being more productive—no matter how unmotivated you might feel! With these simple hacks that use your body state and brain chemistry as tools, anyone can achieve their goals and create something beautiful (even if they’re feeling uninspired).

How to Hack Your Brain Into Being More Productive

Let’s start with the basics. If you want to be more productive, you can hack your brain into being more productive by simply being aware of when it’s working for you and when it isn’t. When you feel productive, take note of what it feels like and how your body is responding.

Are you in a good mood? Are there certain times of day that make you feel more energetic than others? For example, do mornings energize or exhaust me? Do I get a burst of energy after lunch or am I sluggish all afternoon?

If we know what makes us feel good while working (being around friends, eating cookies), then we can use those things as fuel for our creativity rather than something that drains us!

Understanding Your Emotional State

Understanding and monitoring your emotional state is a key component of being productive, as well as being successful in general. You need to know when you are in a good place mentally and physically so that you can be at your best. You can’t be productive if you are stressed out or anxious about something else. In fact, stress and anxiety have been known to lead people towards making bad decisions that result in negative consequences

On the other hand, if you are relaxed and calm, then chances are high that whatever work needs doing will get done with ease.

Check Your Physical State

  • Check your physical state. Are you feeling hungry? Tired? Stressed? Do some stretches, take a walk around the block, get a cup of coffee (or two), and have a quick nap in your car. The point is to make sure that you are showing up as an energized and focused person who can stay on task without getting distracted by other things. If you are hungry or tired then obviously eat something or take a nap! You’ll be more productive with better focus as well as being more present in whatever it is that you are doing with yourself.
  • Take breaks often (but not too often). Breaks should be planned ahead of time so that they aren’t impromptu but rather part of your schedule—maybe even the first thing on each day’s list! Think about how long these breaks should last: 5 minutes could be enough for some people; others might need more time away from their work than that—and even still others might prefer working straight through without any breaks at all (though this isn’t ideal).

Trick Your Brain Into Action Mode

  • The importance of getting started. This can be one of the hardest parts for any creative person. Once you’ve got a great idea, it’s easy to assume that other people will love it too and that they’ll just magically show up at your doorstep with money in hand. But until you get started, no one will know what they’re missing out on!
  • The importance of taking breaks. You might not feel like taking a break when you’re working on something exciting or new, but don’t underestimate the value of stepping away from your desk for a few minutes every hour or two—or even once per day if possible! Even just walking down the street for ten minutes can help recharge your brain enough so that it’s ready to tackle whatever is next on your list when it comes back inside again (more about this later). And if nothing else happens during those breaks? Well then at least there wasn’t anything else happening while sitting behind your computer anyway…so win-win?
  • The importance of doing something different than what was planned beforehand—even if only temporarily! Asking yourself “what do I really want right now?” is always worth considering because our brains are designed specifically so that we enjoy novelty above all else (even though sometimes we forget why). That said…it can also be helpful during periods where nothing seems interesting enough yet; this could mean going outside instead playing games online (for example), watching TV shows instead reading books…basically anything, where there isn’t much engagement required beyond watching/listening alone, would work here really well as long as it’s enjoyable enough without feeling like work itself…(which means probably best not trying anything too difficult).

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself When You’re Not Productive. Instead, Work With The Way Your Body and Mind Work.

Being productive means different things to different people. For some, it’s about getting the job done no matter what. For others, it’s about accomplishing tasks in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. And still for another group of people, being productive means doing work that excites them and makes them feel like they’re making meaningful progress on their goals.

Regardless of which definition you adhere to, there are ways to trick yourself into being more productive that don’t involve beating yourself up when you have a bad day or week at the office (or wherever). As someone who is prone to self-flagellation when things aren’t going well—the world is ending! I’m an awful human being!—I know how hard this can be sometimes. But if we want our lives to be filled with creative energy and not stagnate with self-doubt, then we need to learn how not only to accept but embrace our shortcomings as part of the process of creating something truly great in our lives (and thus becoming more productive).


Remember, the creative process is a complex one. It involves a lot of different steps and takes time. As we’ve seen throughout this blog post, there are many ways to hack your brain into being more productive and doing your best work. You can use tricks like music, white noise, or other sounds to help you focus on what needs to be done; you can trick yourself into forcing yourself into action mode by looking at something else entirely or even just taking breaks from time to time in order for your mind and body to recharge itself.

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