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You finally discover new oceans when you embrace the courage to lose sight of the shore?
What if the other shore was an inspiring journey into uplifting your spirit to be in flow and inspiring your space with my art?

” It’s totally up to my viewers what they see. When people can find something of their own in one of my fine art paintings – that’s when I truly feel I’ve succeeded…WELCOME to Meditative Lightscapes by Zahrina.

NEW Studio OPENING, 2023 – Northridge, Sydney. 

Born with both a paintbrush and camera in my crib! … I’m a Multi-Award Winning multi-faceted Australian Artist, Photographer, Videographer, Author, and Speaker with a flair for abstract, bold, well-constructed colour palettes, and elaborate compositions that bring joy, inspiration, and uplifts my collector’s homes, and lifestyle to be in flow with nature’s joy.

Discover 2 Luxury Ways to Transform Your Life. 

1. Original Paintings  2. Limited Edition Art 

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1. Original Paintings


Like Tony Robbins International Motivational Guru, transform your life and interiors by enjoying Zahrina's unique luxury original paintings suited to your beautiful home or office or holiday home!
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2. Limited Edition Art


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All artworks are ready to hang. Arriving with an authenticity certificate – Simply choose your size and finish. Delivered to your door, ready to hang … Great gifting idea!
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I want to inspire flow in our life, curiosity, and self-discovery.

Welcome to my fine art paintings, perfect for your home …
Truth-seekers, Come right in!

Need help choosing the right piece of Art?

If you would love one of my paintings however have trouble visualising it in your space, please get in touch to request a mock-up image that shows you what my art will look like in your room. Easy!

Anne McKeown
I am so thrilled with the art Foxy Lady that I purchased from Zahrina. It brightens up a plain white wall and has become a talking piece with all our visitors.
Tom Curphey
Zahrina is an inspiration to many & her gallery was amazing! If you love the ocean like me then her art will make you feel connected, inspired & energized.
Daniela Puhlmann
Zahrina, is a genius! She takes you in a journey of colours, emotions, inspiration. You will dance with the colours, you will feel the flow of energy she embrace into the painting! Joy, light, love and life ! Zahrina, took me in a journey of Luxury! Thank you.
Mark Hoy
Zahrina is passionate about everything she does. It doesn’t matter if it’s photographing the essence of the person or painting a fantastic picture that mesmerises everyone who looks at it. It’s a talent not many are able to achieve, Zahrina is a beautiful sole who radiates love and inspiration in everyone she connects with. I can only express my gratitude and admiration for this lady.
A Journey Of Riches
If you are an ocean lover like me, you will love what Zahrina has to offer. Her abstract ocean arts are beautifully created and I cannot wait to put some on my walls. The website is very dynamic and it has so much more than just art. You can get yoga matts, journals, yoga clothing, masks, and so much more. It is such a stylish range of merchandise. I just love the art! And I wanted the same art work that Tony Robbins bought!
Willemine Drage
Absolutely love Zahrina's work, the colours are so vibrant and speak to the soul. Every painting she does is individual and you can sense the greatness of an ocean and smell the beauty of the flowers ...... Stunning work filled with so much joy 🥰
Sara Canuso
Always amazing work from Zahrina.
Tiffany Sharp
What an amazing experience, personalised, professional, fun, creative and inspiring, highly recommend whether personal branding, modelling portfolio, family and individual keepsake, Zahrina brings out the extraordinary in you!

Exclusive Meditative Lightscape Paintings by Zahrina.

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