9 Ways to Generate Buzz for Your Art

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Find Your Tribe

Finding your tribe, or people who are likely to support and appreciate your work is an essential first step in generating buzz for any creative endeavor. If you don’t have a group of supporters already, it will be harder to get others excited about what you’re doing.

People who like the things that you do—and are willing to talk about them—are obviously important! But there’s another reason finding and connecting with your tribe matters: they can give valuable feedback on how to improve your art and business strategy. You might have an idea in mind for something new but not know whether it’ll work until someone else sees it, or maybe someone knows exactly where the weak spots are in what you’ve already done so far.

Be Seen in Person

In today’s digital world, it can be difficult to get people’s attention. The key is to make sure that you’re seen in person. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Go to art shows
  • Go to galleries
  • Go to art events
  • Go to art classes
  • Go to art fairs and festivals

Join a Local Organization

  • Join a local artist group. There are organizations around the country that help artists connect with each other and gain exposure. Check out [Artists in Business](https://artistsinbusiness.org) for an example of one such group.
  • Join a local business group. In addition to meeting other like-minded individuals, you can also get your name out there by speaking at events related to your industry or field of expertise (for instance, if you’re a photographer and want clients for your services).

Share Your Art and Insight on Social Media

Sharing your art online is one of the easiest ways to generate buzz. People love seeing art, so why not share yours? There are many different platforms where you can do this, but I recommend Instagram and Facebook as they have large audiences and are easy to use.

Try posting an image of a finished piece, or if you’re still in progress, post a photo of what you’ve done so far or what inspires your work.

Posting about your process is also important because it lets people see how dedicated you are to your craft and gives them insight into how serious and passionate an artist you are.

If possible, include hashtags such as #artistsoninstagram or #artistsofinstagram so that others who follow these accounts can find you more easily!

Create a Signature Style

  • A signature style is a unique way to paint that you can identify. Think about it: there are only so many ways you can paint an apple, a face, or the sky. But once you’ve figured out your own unique way of doing things, other people will be able to tell your paintings apart from everyone else’s!
  • You can create a signature style by using a specific color palette, subject matter, or technique. For example, Picasso’s paintings all have one thing in common—they’re almost always made up of bright colors and bold lines (the opposite of traditional painting styles). Guess what? This makes him stand out from other artists!
  • Your signature style separates you from other artists because it allows them to easily identify who painted what without having any prior knowledge of art history or being familiar with any particular artist’s work beforehand.

Get into Galleries, Markets, Fairs, and Online Shows

You want to get your name out there and let people know who you are. The more your art is seen, the more people will want to buy it, so getting into galleries and markets is a great way to get exposure.

You can also submit your work for online shows that focus on local artists or even just artists in general. These shows will put your work in front of hundreds or thousands of people who might not have heard about you otherwise!

Create an Interactive Website to Sell Your Art Online

  • Make sure your website is easy to navigate.
  • Make sure it is mobile-friendly.
  • Make sure it is fast and responsive.
  • Have a blog section where you can post new work, behind-the-scene photos, interviews with other artists who inspire you, and essays about the creative process.
  • Have a contact form viewers can fill out if they want to learn more about purchasing or commissioning your work directly from the artist (or gallery). This will keep them engaged with your website so they don’t have to go elsewhere for further information!

Create a Thriving Community of Loyal Followers and Customers

Your art is only as good as the people who appreciate it. In order for your work to be appreciated and talked about, you must create a thriving community of loyal followers and customers. The best way to do that is by becoming an active member of your local art scene and building relationships with like-minded artists, fans, and collectors.

Write About What You Love and Know – Paintings, Processes, Inspiration, Challenges, and More.

You can write about your art. You can write about your process, inspiration, challenges, and experiences as an artist. You can write about what you think is important to know about the world of art and its community. You can also write about how you feel about certain things in life, like love or loss or friendship.

Want a joyful experience with an Artist?

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